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Rise of the Developer

Enterprises are replatforming and moving from legacy to cloud-native architectures at a rapid pace. Digital transformation is driven by infrastructure spend and one of the most powerful forces is the "rise of the developer" and all of the developer services, open source software, and tools they will need to drive this sea change. With the underlying infrastructure in place, the pace of app development and open APIs will drive a new era of interconnected businesses.

Intelligent Automation

The automation of the workplace is in its beginning stages driven by advances in compute power like GPUs and TPUs for machine learning. This evolution has started with next-gen robotic processes (RPA) and is moving towards a more intelligent and cognitive layer driven by AI. Over time we will see companies leveraging proprietary data sets to deliver more vertical applications and efficiencies.

Decentralized Computing

Computing started in the mainframe world and then moved to client server and in many ways the pendulum has swung back to the mainframe with the proliferation of the cloud. In the years to come we will move back to a decentralized world as smart contracts on the blockchain and edge computing comes back to the forefront.

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