Ed Sim

Founding Partner

favorite sport: 
Lacrosse (and yes I still play...)

favorite quote: 
"you miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  
- Wayne Gretzky    

Ed is founder of boldstart ventures, an enterprise seed fund which has invested in over 50 startups in security, data, and SaaS. He loves to work with engineering driven founders with a laser sharp focus on product. 

Over 20 yrs has led many seed and first rounds and helped a number of entrepreneurs successfully scale from seed to market leader including big data pioneer Greenplum (sold to EMC), LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN), GoToMeeting (acq. by Citrix), 24/7 Media (public and then sold to WPP Group), Divide (sold to Google), GoInstant (sold to Salesforce.com), Blaze.io (sold to Akamai), Thinknear (sold to Telenav), Rapportive (sold to Linkedin), Gizmo5 (sold to Google), Moreover Technologies (sold to Verisign), and many others

Ed is currently on the boards of Kustomer, Hypr Biometric, Snyk, BigID, and Manifold. Founded BOLDstart Ventures and co-founded Dawntreader Ventures. Active blogger since 2003 at beyondvc. Ed has a BA in Economics from Harvard.

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Contact Info

  • +1 046 244 3912

  • +1 046 244 3912

  • mail@london.com

  • 350 Fourth Avenue, 34th floor
    New York, USA

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