Fortune Favors The Bold

Day One Partners
For Technical Enterprise Founders

Courage & Conviction

Purpose Built for Founders Reimagining the Enterprise

$80M Series B

Spark, Greenspring, Tiger Global, Boldstart
Boldstart First Check in 2020
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$100M Series D+

Advent, Salesforce, Tiger Global, Bessemer, Boldstart
Boldstart First Check in 2016
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$20M Series A

Evolution Equity, Tiger Global, Version One, Boldstart
Boldstart First Check in 2018
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$300M Series E

Accel, Tiger Global, GV, Addition, Boldstart, Blackrock
Boldstart First Check in 2015
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$6.6M Series Seed

Boldstart Ventures, Decibel Partners, FXP Ventures
Boldstart First Check in 2020

Facebook Acquires Kustomer for $1B

to expand into customer service tools
Boldstart First Check in 2015

$4M Series Seed

Boldstart, Heavybit, Harrison Metal
Boldstart First Check in 2019

$38.5 Series A

Dawn Capital, Tiger Global, Boldstart
Boldstart First Check in 2019

$25M Series B

Two Sigma, Amplify, Boldstart
Boldstart First Check in 2014

Day One Partners

Brad Birnbaum and Jeremy Suriel
Boldstart was our first investor and true believer from the start, supporting us 24/7.
Danny Grander, Guy Podjarny, and Assaf Hefetz
When we partnered with boldstart, we joined a ‘family’ of fellow enterprise founders who share similar challenges and learnings that made all the difference.
Nimrod Vax and Dimitri Sirota
Boldstart is a founder’s best friend. They’ve been instrumental in leveraging their relationships for every one of our next rounds and a number of our first customers. 
Rahul Vohra
Boldstart believed in me from day one, twice. They move with courage and conviction and match that with an incredible work ethic combined with support and patience. There is no better enterprise seed investor to work with.
Sam Kassoumeh and Aleksandr Yampolskiy
Boldstart was our first check and is our first call to this day. 
Erica Windisch and Adam Johnson
Boldstart helped us see around corners and anticipate what's next. Having a partner who is built for enterprise founders is huge, from making our first sales hire all the way through to our acquisition by New Relic.

Our Investment Themes

Rise of the Developer

Enterprises are replatforming and moving from legacy to cloud-native architectures at a rapid pace. Digital transformation is driven by infrastructure spend and one of the most powerful forces is the "rise of the developer" and all of the developer services, open source software, and tools they will need to drive this sea change. With the underlying infrastructure in place, the pace of app development and open APIs will drive a new era of interconnected businesses.

Security by Design

With new platforms comes new attack vectors;  new approaches to cyber security are required. Security is now a corporate board priority. From Dev Ops to Infrastructure to Applications, security will be designed at earlier and earlier stages of production, shifting left and earlier in the design phase.


The automation of the workplace is in its beginning stages driven by advances in compute power like GPUs and TPUs for machine learning. This evolution has started with next-gen robotic processes (RPA) and is moving towards a more intelligent and cognitive layer driven by AI. Over time we will see companies leveraging proprietary data sets to deliver more vertical applications and efficiencies.

Design & Intelligent First Apps

We’re in a new era of design centric SaaS applications giving enterprise users consumer-like and joyful experiences. We’re moving to a world where assembling your own “best of breed” suite of tools is coming with easy API integration. Most of this will come from reinventing existing SaaS applications which are  >10 years old and some will come from inventing completely new categories. Our portfolio includes Superhuman, Kustomer, and Front.

Our Portfolio