We are thematic investors seeking bold founders reimagining the enterprise landscape.

The next 10 years will see a fundamental re-platforming of existing IT infrastructure and software development as we move from legacy to cloud, monolithic to micro, and migrate to a decentralized world. The pace of innovation is accelerating and we are thematically investing in this disruption.

Based in NYC, we are uniquely positioned to help bold founders accelerate their path from "founder market fit" to "product market fit". We know startups as we've invested in and built a number of market leading enterprises. We also understand the needs and pain points of large corporates through our CXO Advisory Board and active relationships with the Fortune 500 (52 of which are based in NYC).

Our Modus Operandi

We founded boldstart in 2010 and have been investing at the first round stage for a combined 50 years in the enterprise. Here is what we do:

First Check Lead

We prefer to be the first institutional investor and lead or co-lead initial rounds, helping product-driven engineering teams build market leading technology companies.

Lifecycle Partners

Our average check size is $1 to $1.5mm, and we reserve significant capital for follow-on investments in existing portfolio companies.

Active and Engaged

Boldstart is purpose-built to help founders scale from founder market fit to product market fit and reach their next critical milestones.

Our Core

We love what we do and match our founders' intensity, passion, and commitment. We like to move quickly when we meet teams in our sweet spot attacking huge, emerging markets. We value transparency, honesty, and doing what is agreed upon.

Our support often begins well before a check is written to a team. We play long ball and seek to build relationships over the long term resulting in many second time founders that we've had the privilege to back.

Our mission is to help our founders build great enterprise technology companies by helping them accelerate their path to success with active guidance on go-to-market, team building, financing, and product. Boldstart's Code of Conduct.

Engineered Serendipity
Put amazing folks in a room and see the magic happen

The boldstart office is a hub for founders, corporate partners and Series A leads to hang out and get a lay of the NYC enterprise landscape. Many relationships have been formed through hanging out; new customers signed, Series A relationships sealed, and lasting friendships made. Several portfolio companies have also started out of our offices so we look forward to bringing you in to our family.

Our Family
Founders helping founders

Simply put, our founders love hanging out with each other. We call it the boldstart family and we promote active engagement through cohosted dinners on themed topics with portfolio companies and Fortune 500 CIOs and active messaging through our founders only Slack community. Being singularly focused on enterprise means many of our founders have experienced similar ups and downs in their journey to building the next great company.

Corporate Partners

We schedule regular check-ins with our CXO Advisory board to help founders get product feedback. We also organize thematic road trips on specific topics like Security or Intelligent Automation for our portfolio companies and Fortune 500 partners. We've seen a number of customer pilots and contracts come out of these experiences, but more importantly helping founders gain exposure to what it takes to close these opportunities is just as valuable. And did I say we have tons of fun doing these!

30 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010