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Executives access boldCXO to discover, discuss, and engage with emerging tech trends impacting their enterprise.

Schedule your Enterprise Jam Session today, a customized half day to discuss your tech priorities and to meet with the founders and engineers building next-gen products.

Are you a BoldCXO?

Leading a digital transformation, looking for leading-edge emerging tech to layer into your stack, seeking to engage next-gen startups to accelerate time to market?

If so, join our BoldCXO program:
  • Gain insights on emerging enterprise tech trends
  • Work with highly technical founders and startups on the front end as design partners to realize your goals faster
  • Build out your ecosystem and have us scout for companies that match your problem set

We connect CXOs and Enterprise Startups:

Boldstart collaborates with senior Fortune 500 executives about their technology priorities and helps identify startup partners to serve those goals. These partnerships enable enterprises to test, iterate, and implement emerging software faster and more effectively.

Key Benefits of being a BoldCXO:

Insights on emerging enterprise tech trends:

Regular dialogue on new enterprise tech and a roadmap for how to layer it into your business goals. Quarterly check-ins allow us to understand your roadmap and priorities and allows us to better filter key market trends from startups and large vendors (i.e. blockchain, security, ML)

Filter, Scouting, and Matchmaking

We serve as a scout for our BoldCXOs and selectively introduce startup founders to you based on your roadmap and goals. We are also available to bridge the gap on any POC processes with startups.

Access Private BoldCXO Events

Boldstart coordinates site visits, demo days, and briefings for enterprise executive teams, coordinating a day’s worth of meetings with startups on themed topics relevant to their roadmap. In the past, these have focused on intelligent automation, cybersecurity, enterprise micro services, among others. Boldstart also organizes monthly themed dinners with peers from Fortune 500 IT and Innovation teams, startups, and Tier I VCs for free-flowing discussion around emerging technologies, common problems, and other topics of interest.

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